We are More

than your typical slow-motion, slow-music wedding film. we like to keep an upbeat vibe, and show off the fun side of love!

the lumens.

the lumens.

we are


we made this

We want to give you a beautiful film that lasts
for more than just your lifetime.
We want to help you relive the night.


We hear it all of the time: "I'm awkWARD! I don't know what to do!"
​WE realize HIRING A MEDIA TEAM CAN SEEM intimidating,
and it can be difficult to know what to expect.

- that's okay! we are here for you. -
We are here to make you laugh and feel comfortable.
WE're here to offer ideas, and turn your ideas into a reality.  
it's our job to make you look good (and we're good at our job).

 WE're laid-back, calm, creative and detailed.

but most importantly,
We're in your corner and we're on your team.

Hiring us means hiring a pair that is absolutely dedicated to

we make it easy
we make it fun
we make it you!



Whaddya Say?

let's make it official!

the lumen studios
the lumen studios
the lumen studios
the lumen studios
the lumen studios

We are proud to call The Lumen Studios a safe space for celebration of all people from every race, religion, non-religion, sexual orientation, and gender.
We have an absolute zero-tolerance policy for discrimination in any regard.

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