5 (super easy!) Tips to a Better Wedding Film! Like seriously, you can do this. I believe.

Alright, show of hands, who here feels 100% confident and comfortable in front of the camera all of the time?

Anyone? Anyone? Yeaaaaah….me neither.

More than likely you don’t actually spend that much time in front of the camera. Those of us humans that do, I genuinely commend you. But for the rest of us unsure folk, it can be, eh…awkward. So naturally when your wedding day comes along, there can be a little concern.
Okay, so before we get too far along, I just want to take a moment to say that OF COURSE it is our responsibility, as your videographer, to offer you direction and help you feel more comfortable in front of the camera. We know that’s our end of the deal – and we will totally do that for you! But what about the moments we can’t control?

Teamwork makes the dream work, people! If we work together, your wedding day film will be AH-MA-ZING (and no one will even know you were nervous)!

After shooting weddings over the last few years, here are 5 recommendations we want to offer to help you have the best wedding film ever!

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Carve out several times during the day just for us! I know this sounds like I’m asking a lot but hear me out: by carving out small bits of time (think 10-15 minutes, tops) throughout the day to capture moments, you get more variance. Having variety helps your film tremendously as you move throughout the day because, unlike photos, your film is documenting time as it moves along.
Sure, this seems obvious, but it is something that is often missed and we need those transitional moments throughout the day to help your film tell a story!
Okay, so I’m not really one to offer rogue advice without offering a plan for implementation. Let’s talk about WHEN you should schedule these times. Operating on the assumption that you have a fairly traditional timeline for your wedding day (if you don’t, never fear – we can so work with that!), my recommendation has 3 options to ensure you capture those beautiful one-on-one moments at all of the best times:

  • Before the ceremony (Hello, first look? Bridal shots? Secret hand-holds around corners/doors? Idk, let’s get creative!),
  • After the ceremony (yasss! let’s put you together and SHOW. OFF. THOSE. RINGS!),
  • Golden Hour! (that magical mystery time about an hour before sunset when you can capture all the rainbow light leaks and beautiful warm orange-y glow!)

Bonus: want to sneak away from the hustle and bustle for a bit? You can use us as an excuse to steal away for a little while! Trust: we are always willing to take the blame on that one.


Again, I know this seems obvious, but most of the time the couple gets ready in two entirely different buildings in two entirely different areas of town. If this is your game plan, please reconsider. Just Kidding!! (but kind of not kidding a little bit).
Okay, but for real, if that is your game plan, at least make sure there is time for us to travel to your other half and capture their getting ready moments.
That means, if you’re wearing a dress, maybe plan to have that on earlier than just a few moments before you leave for your ceremony or first look.
It’s a small detail, but it really helps.
Plus, that’s your love-bug! Your honey! Your fine piece of…cake.

Don’t you want to see what they’re up to? You don’t want to miss them looking all sexy in their getting-ready attire! But beyond that, having time to capture both people offers a better balance to the film. It may seem silly, but in the end, you’re definitely going to have a better product because of it! Build it into that schedule, yo! We will absolutely thank you for it!


F’real real… please give us a rundown of your day! OMG an itinerary can save lives people – SAVE LIVES!

We need to know everything. If you (or your S.O.) has a surprise planned – PLEASE tell us! I promise we can keep a secret (just like, tell us it’s a secret!).
Honest though, we want to know what is happening and when. Yeah, we’re needy af. But it’s so helpful for us to be prepared. Like, we’re flexible if there are last minute changes; but knowing (even just generally) what to expect for the day, is amazing for us. We have battery’s, and lenses, and memory cards to swap out and we don’t want to guess at a time to do that and miss something important.

Wanna do us REAL right?? – hit us with a rundown of your ceremony! Literally everyone’s ceremony is different so knowing what is happening (and what is super important to you!) is crazy helpful for us. Ceremonies are a one-shot situation, and we have to get it right the first time (no do-overs), so the more we know about what to expect, the better!!

The honest truth is, we don’t want to miss ANYthing, but if we don’t know what to expect: we might. 🙁 Help us, help you. Preparedness reigns Queen!

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This one may not be a fan-favorite, but to help you have the best wedding film ever: stop talking!
Not like, the whole time or anything like that, we’re not monsters! Just at least try not to talk through ALL of your special moments.
#1 offender: your first dance. I know, it’s suuuuper awkward slow-dancing in front of every one all by yourself, and a little casual conversation can ease that anxiety. I’m here for that, I get it. Buuuuuut, when it comes to your film it can really just be a lot of mouth-flapping. So just a few suggestions to combat that:

  • Give ‘em a smooch!! Yas girl, lay a little lip on ‘em!
  • Give us a twirl? Or a dip?
  • LAUGH. Tell each other your corniest jokes and have a laugh!
  • Make a conscious effort to stare/smile sweetly at one another for a few moments without talking ($5 if you don’t laugh! – I’m actually hoping I lose that one).
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Sure, sure easier said than done – amiright? But really, it’s going to be fun!

We often hear from our couples how they couldn’t imagine their wedding day without us being there. Which is like, the coolest compliment ever! But it’s because we’re here for you 100%. If you need a break, let us know! No one argues when your videographer steals you away. And honestly, we don’t even have to turn on the cameras if you don’t want. We’re here to make you laugh, and connect with your S.O.

Honestly. We’re going to have a blast, you’re going to look amazing, your film is going to be SO COOL, oh AND! you’re going to be married to the love of your life!!! That’s like, the best part (and kind of the whole point).

It’s going to be freaking amazing! So CHEERS to you, your SO, your freaking gorgeous wedding and your (soon to be) rockin’ wedding film! You’ve totally got this (and we’re here to help)!!

See you next time!
– The Lumens




5 (super easy!) Tips to a Better Wedding Film! Like seriously, you can do this. I believe.

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