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We are a queer + non-binary photo and video team located in New England. We like to keep it spicy with vibrant, upbeat films + photos that show off your personality! 

We think your love is a big freakin' deal,
and you deserve to have a team that's going to act like it.

we care, a lot.




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i'm gunna be honest - this story sucks

Tori and I (Hi, I'm Chelsie!) were married on November 19, 2016. We were engaged for 9 months and were so freaking excited to celebrate with our friends and family! We had never been to an LGBTQ+ wedding before... plus, many of our friends would be attending their first LGBTQ+ wedding as well!
We had only been legally allowed the right to get married for about a year and a half, so this day was super important to more than just us! 

On the day of, our photographer arrived late, and in sweatpants. Her nonchalant attitude carried on all day and, long story short, we got screwed. We ended up with only 95 photos and we received them 4 months late. We were missing vital moments from our day like our first kiss, Tori walking down the aisle with her dad, me dancing with my grandpa, and sooo many more.

 We were devastated, and we were really heartbroken. When we confronted her about the photos, we were advised that "there is no set number of photos specified in the contract" and she refused to provide any additional photos, or any kind of refund.

As time went on we ended up resenting our wedding day, and we found ourselves looking back on the memories with negative emotions, and saying things like "our marriage is great, but we never should have had a wedding."

We quickly realized how sad it was that our beautiful day had been so destroyed, and we never wanted anyone else to feel the way we felt.

our "why"

So that's our story - and frankly, it sucks.
BUT! we had our film.
Our film was a gift from one of my oldest friends. When we think back on our wedding day, the memories are often tarnished by the terrible experience we had with our photographer. But our film, our film means everything to us. 

So that's why we do what we do. We know the pain and heartbreak of not having your precious memories preserved. We know how it feels to have someone taint one of the happiest days of your life, and we never, ever, want someone else to feel that pain. 

We are dedicated to you and your experience. We are devoted to ensuring that your wedding is a beautiful, memorable occasion. And we are proud to offer an experience AND a product that will last for more than just your lifetime.

we care a lot, because we know how it feels when someone doesn't.

so we go hard for our couples. we show up, and show out, every. single. time.

our origin story

our origin story

our "why"




I’m going to be totally upfront with you: using unlicensed music, or using music without permission from the artist, is stealing.

We license all of our music legally from a variety of different sites. I am always happy to talk about having you and your partner be more involved in the music selection process. But, so far, all of your couples have trusted us to choose music for them, and all of them have been very happy! 

can we choose/use our own music?

Heck yeah we do! We charge travel fees for weddings more than 90 miles from our home base (Standard $0.58 a mile after that). Typically, if we have to get on a plane, travel fees are around $1200 - $1500. Travel fee's will cover the lodging, train, flight, and Lyft's to and from the airport. We arrive 2 days before your event to ensure that we have plenty of time if we run into any travel issues.

Don't want to pay for travel? 
Our travel dates are listed on our 'about page.' Catch us there for fee-free sessions! 

do you travel/what can we expect?

with options! :) - cuz we love you! 
every wedding film receives free digital delivery of their film and you are given the rights to download, copy, and distribute however you would like!

But if you wanted to make it extra special, we also offer USB drives and video books: both of which can be completely customized! 

how do you deliver our film?

you can!
Raw Footage is available for purchase at $1150.
We cover the cost of a drive + the cost of shipping. 

do we get/can we buy RAW footage?

We have a flat-rate retainer of $750. We want to make it easy and painless to save your date! 
The remainder of payment is due no later than 2 weeks before the wedding.

how much is your retainer?

We can split your payment any way you would like. Let me know you prefer a payment plan in our booking call and we can discuss what works best for you!

Do you offer a payment plan?

Pricing starts at $2900 for a highlight film! Most couples spend between $3500-$5000 depending on their add-ons and customizations!

how much does this cost?