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We think love is freeeeeeeaking magical!
We can't even begin to explain how amazing it is to be there with you, to celebrate you and your boo on your wedding day!
Love is so big and so bright - and the world needs just that.

This is everything to us, and we are humbled at the privilege of being the ones to capture your day!
We work hard to make your day as fun and laid-back as possible. For most of the day, we take a "fly on the wall" approach to organically capture moments. Any posing we do is about getting you to connect with your partner and letting your natural emotions shine though. We make it comfortable and easy to be in front of the camera, so you can remember your day as a fun and beautiful time with your nearest and dearest!

we celebrate love - and everyone is welcome

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i'm gunna be real - this story is sort of a bummer

Tori and I (Hi, I'm Chelsie!) were married on November 19, 2016. We were engaged for 9 months and were so freaking excited to celebrate with our friends and family! We had never been to an LGBTQ+ wedding before... plus, many of our friends would be attending their first LGBTQ+ wedding as well!
We had only been legally allowed the right to get married for about a year and a half, so this day was super important to more than just us! 

On the day of, our photographer arrived late, and in sweatpants. Her nonchalant attitude carried on all day and, long story short, we got screwed. We ended up with only 95 photos and we received them 4 months late. We were missing vital moments from our day like our first kiss, Tori walking down the aisle with her dad, me dancing with my grandpa, and sooo many more.

 We were devastated, and we were really heartbroken. When we confronted her about the photos, we were advised that "there is no set number of photos specified in the contract" and she refused to provide any additional photos, or any kind of refund.

As time went on we ended up resenting our wedding day, and we found ourselves looking back on the memories with negative emotions, and saying things like "our marriage is great, but we never should have had a wedding."

We quickly realized how sad it was that our beautiful day had been so tainted, and we never wanted anyone else to feel the way we felt.

our "why"

So that's our story - and frankly, it sucks.
BUT! we had our film.
Our film was a gift from one of my oldest friends. When we think back on our wedding day, the memories are often tarnished by the terrible experience we had with our photographer. But our film, our film means
e v e r y t h i n g
to us. 

So that's why we do what we do. We know the pain and heartbreak of not having your precious memories preserved. We know how it feels to have someone taint one of the happiest days of your life. and we never, ever, want someone else to feel that pain. 

So we go hard for our couples. We show up, and show out, EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.
We are dedicated to you and your experience. We are devoted to ensuring that your wedding is a beautiful, memorable occasion. And we are proud to offer an experience AND a product that will last for more than just your lifetime.

we care a lot, because we know how it feels when someone doesn't.

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hold up! what's 'till death wedding films'?

That's us! Errr....well it was us....
In December 2019, we rebranded from Till Death Wedding Films to The Lumen Studios. We wanted to put our own name on our own work, and we wanted to be able to do more with our brand. Tori + Chelsie Lumen were the owners and creators of Till Death Wedding Films, the same as they are with The Lumen Studios. We felt these reviews were fine to share, as there is no difference in the videography work we do now, as The Lumen Studios. 

our word for it

Chelsie married into the filmmaking lifestyle, BUT DON’T LET THAT FOOL YOU! She has found a passion in her that she just hadn’t had the chance to realize before. For the last 5 years, Tori has been showing her the ins and outs of filmmaking – and it’s amazing!​

Chelsie is our go-to customer communications guru, she is always quick on those emails and takes care of all the business. Chelsie has always been inspired by people, and working with them on one of the most important days of their lives has been a truly remarkable experience for her.

enneagram: 8w7
videographer / photographer /
emailer extraordinaire 

meet chelsie

Tori is our rockstar!
LITERALLY 20+ years of experience behind the camera + a BFA in Digital Film and Video Production from the Dallas Art Institute, means she IS the magic.
Her editing style is super unique and playful! She loves to highlight how much fun the love is for each couple. She always highlights big-time laughs and even bigger love. 
With her creative ingenuity, cat-like reflexes, and fine-tuned eye for detail, she absolutely oozes passion + dedication to film creation!

enneagram: 6w7
videographer / editor / dad-joke expert 

meet tori

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We are proud to call The Lumen Studios a safe space for celebration of all people from every race, religion, non-religion, sexual orientation, and gender.
We have an absolute zero-tolerance policy for discrimination in any regard.

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