Baby Announcement: Danielle + Logan

Now that these amazing humans have announced – I can too!!

How We Met

When Danielle reached out and asked if I wanted to photograph their baby announcement I LITERALLY cried. We were so lucky to be able to film Danielle + Logan’s wedding back in 2019. It was a seriously amazing day and still one of my most favorite films we ever made. Both the teaser and the full film were GORGEOUS. Everything about that day fell so perfectly into place and it was just ~easy~.

You can check out their film here because heck, it’s adorable!

We’ve kept in touch over the last couple years and I absolutely adore both of those humans. They are kind, and wonderful, and so, so in love. It’s a beautiful thing to witness. So being able to share more of their story in this way, is seriously so meaningful. I was and am beyond excited to share in their excitement and photograph their baby announcement.

Hazy Days + My First Baby Announcement

We decided to take these photos at English Landing Park in Parkville, MO. Which, if you haven’t been there before, is such an adorable place. The park sits right next to the most adorable downtown area, and is placed right along the Missouri river. And it is gorgeous!

This day in particular was really cool. We scheduled our session for a little later in the evening, hoping for a gorgeous golden hour. We definitely didn’t get that, but what we did get was still so pretty. Due to the fires that have been ravaging the US + Canada, we are starting to see the smoky effects of that here in Missouri. And that is just what we got on this day. The smoky air left a low, beautiful haze in the air, that can be seen in the background of a lot of the photos.

Which I will stop talking and let you check out – right now!

and of course, the big finger-guns finish 🙂 because Logan is a dad now!

It really means so much that I got to help Danielle + Logan celebrate this amazing milestone. One of the downsides to video is that most people don’t have a lot of us for a videographer after their wedding. So jumping into photo has been such a special experience, particularly because of this moment right here.

I am so happy to be here. 🙂

The Lumens

Couples Session



Baby Announcement: Danielle + Logan

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