BEFORE + AFTER: Hannah Bee Photo Promo. Why is Color Correction so Important??

Why is Color Correction so Important anyway??

Well, we’re going to show you!

When filming, we usually choose a color profile that is flat, and doesn’t let a lot of color come through. I’m sure that sounds weird, and might seem like a strange idea – I mean, why not just get the good color straight from the camera? Honestly, it just doesn’t really work that way. While we can get pretty good color straight from camera, it might make some aspects of the shot a little strange-looking. Skin tones are a BIG problem area with in-camera color! And NO ONE likes to look orange! Simply put, camera’s don’t see the world the same way humans do. Camera’s interpret the world around them the best they can, but it will always be different.

So…why film with a flat profile?? For control, of course! We do this intentionally so that we can have more control over the color when we are editing. That way, we can take what the camera sees, and make it more realistic….or maybe not?? It’s art! We get to choose! 🙂

So for this video, we’re highlighting some of the changes we made to color in Hannah Bee Photography‘s promo film! We think it’s a super cool look at what goes into the color correction process!

(We think it looks pretty freaking cool! haha)

Check it out!

Cool, right??

Yeaaaah, that’s what I thought! haha

We’d love to know what you think!
Did this surprise you?
Was this something you enjoyed?
Did you NOT care to see it?
Does it make sense why color correction is so important?

Let me know in the comments!

We’ve really been loving these promotional films and I think this was such a fun way to showcase a little behind the scenes!

see you next time!
– the lumens




BEFORE + AFTER: Hannah Bee Photo Promo. Why is Color Correction so Important??

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