Couples Session: C + S at Garden of the Gods (kind of)

I met Claire almost a million years ago when we lived in the same small-ish Missouri town, and attended the same wild parties. She worked with my best friend, and it was inevitable that we would eventually cross paths. The early versions of Claire that I knew then, are not remembered now. What can I say? Cheers to binge-drinking in my early 20’s.

But in a super rare form for me, we somehow stayed in touch. We continued to follow each other for years on social media, and I was even able to reconnect with her a few years ago when she was a bridesmaid in a wedding I was filming. Which was great, because Claire is freaking awesome.

Mountain Girl

A few years ago, Claire moved to Colorado and I swear, she LITERALLY belongs there. Claire was made for Colorado, and Colorado was made for Claire. She started her own business: Mountain Girl Company, a sustainable Colorado boutique that sells adorable clothing (like this is super cute rain jacket that I am genuinely probably going to buy because I’m obsessed with it), hiking accessories, skincare, and more. She even recently partnered with Berry Simple to create healthy, homemade snacks for all your mountain adventures!

To the Wild West

Alright, alright – on to the shoot. When I found out I would be traveling to Colorado with the incomparable Hannah Bee Photography we quickly decided that we should stuff our schedules full of shoots to build as much content as humanly possible during our trip. Weeeeeeellllllllll…… that did not happen. We quickly realized that we wanted to enjoy ourselves a little bit. Hannah and I already had 1 wedding while we were there, so maybe just one shoot instead.

I sent out a request for models, and that’s when Claire popped into my inbox! As soon as I saw her name, it was literally a “duh” moment and I was so excited we would get to reconnect. Ya’ll – Claire and Scott DID NOT DISAPPOINT. They went with two outfits – the first was a tribute to their seriously adventurous spirit. They chose full hiking fits which I LIVE FOR. It was so cute, and such an incredible way to make their session their own. We always advise to ‘make it unique to you,’ and they did just that. They went with exactly who they are.

For outfit two, they went with a more traditional dressy style and can I just say – watch for Scott’s AWESOME belt moment. Like, we loved his hat – it was amazing. But that colorful belt was so much fun. I am completely obsessed with it, and actively looking for one for myself. 🙂

Garden of The Gods – More or Less

So the original plan was to do our shoot at Garden of the Gods. I thought that would be fine since it was the Monday after the 4th of July. I had assumed everyone would be traveling back home. Welp… I was very wrong about that. With the crowds, we were unable to get anywhere near that location, and neither of us felt good about trying to shoot with that many people around. Fortunately, Tori and I had stayed a few days in Colorado Springs about 6 months ago, and remembered that there was another park super close by. This place has similar rock formations, that probably wouldn’t be as busy. So we packed up and headed that way to find a relatively empty trail (and we still had Garden of the Gods views!)

Alright, there’s the story. So with that: please check out these two seriously adorable humans!

So there you have it, folks. Claire + Scott. The actual cutest ever.
Go check out Mountain Girl Company so we can all have matching raincoats!

The Lumens

Couples Session



Couples Session: C + S at Garden of the Gods (kind of)

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