Elopement: Jamie + Rebecca on New Year’s Day!

OMG this elopement y’all! I absolutely adore this story, and I think it speaks so much to what really matters when it comes to wedding planning. I know it seems obvious, but your wedding should be about you and your partner. But when you’re really in the thick of it, this concept is just so easy to lose your grip on.

Jamie and Rebecca inquired with us back in November about their small wedding coming up in 2022. They have booked a beautiful AirBnB in the New York Wilderness and plan to be surrounded by their closest friends and family. When they initially inquired (at like, 1am!!) they mentioned a weekend in September, and a weekend in October, and that they had some flexibility for other dates if we were already booked. We were unfortunately already booked for their October date, but we could totally do their September!

I responded when I woke up telling them this and was so heartbroken when they wrote back saying that after inquiring they went ahead and booked the AirBnB for the October date 🙁 bummer town.

A couple of hours later I get another email from them informing that they had realized they absolutely HAD to have us at their wedding so they contacted the AirBnB and requested to switch their reservation to September, the host had agreed and they would like to go ahead and book if we were still free – and we were! Yay!! It had all worked out.

Wait – I thought you said they eloped on New Year’s Day though????

Riiight right – I’m getting to that. Okay so fast forward to Tuesday, December 28th, and 5:27PM. I get a text from Jamie that reads:

“Heyy, by any chance do you have plans this Saturday?!”

To which my homebody, do-nothing-especially-on-New-Years-in-a-pandemic-ass responds:

“We do not. What’s up?”

Jamie proceeds to tell me that, as it often does, planning has gotten a little messy. There’s too much outside noise and expectations and they have really been “thinking a lot about living in the moment, and not wanting to give anyone else the time or opportunity to them how they should love each other.” So to make sure they are honoring their love and their relationship, they would like to ahead and get married on Saturday afternoon.


I feel like this is always a moment that comes up in wedding planning. A time when everyone around you feels like they can tell you the best way to celebrate your love, or push traditions that don’t hold meaning for you, or enforce certain expectations that you may not be comfortable with. And when that happens, the celebration can really start to lose some of its magic. I get so excited when couples decide to choose themselves in this moment. I wish Tori and I would have chosen ourselves in that moment, and I know every time a couple makes that choice, they are happier for it.

So when I tell you that we jumped ALL over this opportunity, and made this elopement shit happen in LITERALLY 4 – FOUR – days! Well… hell yeah we did it.

Jamie and Rebecca decided to elope at Wadsworth Mansion in Middletown, CT. Which, by the way, is unbelievably gorgeous. We had a stunning, slightly warm, foggy day that gave the grounds this stunning, other-worldly vibe. I couldn’t believe this was January 1st. It was such a perfect day.

We did photo and video for this day… so without further ado….

Watch Their Elopement Film:

Beyond their little elopement video, we also put together a full ceremony film for them. This ceremony was truly one of the sweetest, and most joyful ceremonies we have ever seen. This officiant was incredible, and he did it on such short notice!

Watch Their Full Elopement Ceremony:

Heckin’ cute af – right?!

Okay, okay, and now… the photos!

The Ceremony:

The Portraits:

That’s all, my friends. We are so grateful and lucky to have had the opportunity to know and love Jamie + Rebecca, and we hope you loved their impromptu elopement just as much as we did! They are remarkable.


Until next time, my loves!

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Elopement: Jamie + Rebecca on New Year’s Day!

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