Taboo Topics: Let’s Talk About Stress on the Wedding Day – and How to Avoid it!

Taboo Topics: Stress on the wedding day – and how to avoid it!

So I spoke about this on my instagram stories the other day…

but I thought it would be good to dive a little deeper. Stress on your wedding day is prooooobably a little inevitable, but it doesn’t have to ruin it all. I’ve got a couple tips to make your day run a little smoother – and who wouldn’t want that??

So first things first:

Choose people to be around you that are supportive AND lift you up!

Seriously, I think people worry too much about leaving someone out and hurting their feelings, than they do about how that person will truly affect their wedding day. And let’s be honest – some people are selfish. They want to be a part of your day to be in the spotlight, but they aren’t really there for you.

I had one of these types in my own wedding party. Literally someone I had know since Kindergarten. The whole time she complained that it was cold, and she was angry when I asked that she not wear a coat during the ceremony (it was 10 minutes – not the end of the world).

And after the ceremony? She dipped out. We still had tons of group photos left, and she isn’t in a single one. She left immediately after and went to the reception location. Why? …because she was cold.

She made my day more difficult, dramatic, and stressful than I ever wanted it to be. And the real kicker? I only added her in the first place because I felt guilty. She kept talking about how she wanted to be a bridesmaid, and even thought I didn’t originally plan for her to one, I let it happen anyway. Bad choice. I have better instincts than that.

So go with your gut. Bring only your best up there with you. Because you’re GOING to need to lean on them at some point!

Choose vendors that demonstrate the ability to be calm + collected, and handle your wedding day!

So, naturally, there are a few things that go into this one!
Knowing what I know now, the first thing I would do while searching for a videographer is see what kind of experience they have.

“How many weddings have they filmed?”
“Have they ever worked in a venue similar to mine?”
“How does their audio sound?”

And here’s the thing about experience: Tori has been making films for over 20 years, but she will be the FIRST to tell you that wedding films, are a whole different beast.

We often jokingly refer to weddings as “guerilla shooting.” While hunting isn’t really our sport, we do know the importance of always being aware, prepared, and ready. Because wedding are quick, and invaluable moments can be so fleeting.

Tori and I are experts are staying calm. We have literally pulled a 3 year old child our of a smoking car after witnessing an accident occur in front of us. (I know that’s an intense story to just drop on ya’ll so if you want all the deets – DM me. It was wild.) But the point is, we are calm and collected under pressure. We work quickly and efficiently and we have experience with so many crazy situations. But beyond that, we are excellent at adapting to new situations, offering solutions, collaborating with other professionals, and most importantly: we make sure you have a great day and an amazing experience.


Here’s the thing though, if you want an expert in their field, you have to look at the reviews!

Reviews are for more than just 5 stars. They can tell you so much about how a vendor acts, and makes you feel on such a special day.
Speeeeeaking of reviews, I want to shed light on a few that we have received recently that specifically talk about stress and the impact vendors can have on a your wedding day:

I think these reviews are so cool because clearly these couples carried concerns into their wedding day.

I know that I often hear from couples that they are nervous about being on video because they aren’t actors, or they will feel weird. And I get that, I also get nervous in front of the camera. But having a professional on the other side that knows how to make you feel more comfortable is SO important. And that is something that Tori + I specialize in (see above!).

When it’s all said and done…

your wedding day deserves respect and you deserve to be celebrated. It can totally be weird to have all these cameras around you – and that’s okay! But it’s important to make sure you are around someone you enjoy.

Don’t let anyone make you feel like you are less than pure magic!!

see you next time!
– the lumens




Taboo Topics: Let’s Talk About Stress on the Wedding Day – and How to Avoid it!

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